Just Getting Warmed Up!

So, I don’t know about you, but it‘s days later and I’m STILL recovering from all the events last week.

Well, in case you missed it (or just want to relive it) here’s what went down!

The “Art of Flight” premier last Wednesday was awe inspiring! The street outside the Beacon Theater was packed.  As the riders filed in, they were stopped on the red carpet for interviews and photo ops by various media. Backstage and in the crowd, Justin Timberlake, Owen Wilson and Mike D of the Beastie boys were spotted.

Ramp sesh at Red Bull afterparty

Of course, everyone knows, the premier is only as good as the party! Well this was no exception. After the flick was over, the Red Bull team and entourage headed up to the Stone Rose on the top floor of the Time Warner Center, to throw down. There was a photo booth, pro-riders mingling and bartenders walking on the bar pouring shots of Red Bull and vodka in the mouths of whomever they deemed fit. But the real jaw dropper at the party was the giant cage surrounding a skate ramp. Nothing can top hangin out at a swanky joint, watching the skaters in front of the New York City skyline.

Thursday was the premier of the VideoGrass double header, “Shoot the Moon” and “Retrospect.” The flicks where shown at Draft, a local bar in the LES with lots of flat screens to watch from every angle. With an impressive cast, the films were pure style eye-candy, focusing on the riders and their tricks. The flicks highlight sick freestyle and street riding. No doubt aimed in getting everyone amped up to get out there and shred.

Last week left me totally stoked to get shredding! The OvR crew is workin our behinds off to get the season planned out for you. However, we have not forgotten the monstrous damage that upstate New York and Vermont are still recovering from. As part of our 2011/2012 program, we are teaming up with the Stratton Foundation to direct our efforts towards VT. OvR is planning a big event to raise some money (look for details in the next week!) We are also looking for volunteers to head up VT to get their hands dirty and help out the locals. More details will be posted on OvRride.com as well as OvRride Facebook page in the following days. Please, stay tuned for all the details, pitch in where you can and let’s give back to the mountains that have given us so much!