Ladies Only: Happy Hour Recap

For those that missed out or didn’t get the memo (better sign up ASAP for emails so you don’t miss the next one!) we the ladies at OvR have brought back the Ladies Only Sessions for the 2014 season. Last year was a great start and we think that as ladies, we can make this year even better.  Happy Hours, gear swaps, clinics, demos and trips in VT all just for us starting next month. Boys are cool, don’t get us wrong but sometimes you just want to spend some qt time with the ladies on and off the hill.

Of course there is no better way to kick anything off than with some drink specials to make all those evening hours extra happy. Durden Bar was kind enough to let us take over last Thursday until a bunch of foreign couch surfers showed up, seriously not even kidding, at least they had pizza. I love pizza. I stole some. Getting sidetracked… Beer,  wine, shred betties, puppies, couch surfers, girls and of course more girls. That pretty much summed up the night.

Again THANK YOU to every single lady that made an appearance this past Thursday for our Happy Hour! It was so awesome to see so many ladies that shred in one place! I’m pretty sure we confused the hell out of the 4 lonesome dudes sitting at the bar at 7pm when 30+ ladies were all gathered having a good time, talking snowboarding and getting tipsy. Yeah yeah I said tipsy because after all we are ladies and getting “drunk” is for the basic broads.

Oh, I did manage to hold a beer and a camera in each hand for pretty much the entire night, until I stole that pizza. Again, wasn’t kidding I love pizza and beer. The camera had to go at some point, damn pizza. Enjoy the pictures as a small recap of our awesome night and make sure to stay tuned for more events! Maybe even play some Bey in the background, you know, cuz girls run the world.

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