OvR’s “Ladies Only” Sessions

February 3rd won’t be a cosmo sippin’, nail doin’, get-your-hair-did kind of day. This is a shred some hills, drink some beer and show-the-boys-how-the-girls-run-it kind of day.

Introducing the first official OvR “Ladies Only” Sessions

The ladies of the OvR fam would like to give a shout out to all the Shred Betties! Come show your love for snowboarding and take your skills to the next level. We’ve teamed up with Mt. Snow, and we’re offering a day of progression for everyone – from beginners to advanced riders. Get to know other ladies at your own level, or if you’ve been wanting to advance your shred skills, here’s your opportunity to take a lesson from another lady shredder!

Hop on the Ladies-Only bus, watch shred flicks featuring bad-ass female pros, and meet other women who are as passionate about snowboarding as you.

Each Betty gets a 2 hour lesson (either in the morning or the afternoon) at her own level. Beginner, intermediate, advanced lessons will be given by seasoned female instructors of the Mount Snow Snow School.

So, you ready to take your game up to the next level? Don’t miss the bus!