Magical Mystery Bus – CLIF Mystery Weekend 3/16-18

What’s better than a Mystery Van? How about a mystery bus!

March 16 – March 18 — New York to ?????

You know we know mountains, and we’re always going on awesome excursions… So it’s time to feed your adventure and join us for a weekend to… “somewhere awesome”! CLIF is jumping on board to help fuel the mystery weekend. There will be surprises around every corner and in addition to the usual riding and skiing at this secret destination, anything could happen…

Don’t miss the adventure… Don’t Miss the good times… DON’T MISS THE CLIF MYSTERY BUS!!!

Together with CLIF we’ve got an epic weekend planned.

We can’t tell you where we’re going (it’d ruin the mystery!) but we can tell you what the trip entails with a couple hints:
• Round Trip transportaion on the OvRxClif Big Red Mystery Machine
• 2 nights lodging at ??? Hotel
• 2 days skiing/riding at ??? (Lift tickets included in most packages)
• Trip to ??? Brewery
• A hot tub… gotta have a hot tub!
• Drinks from our friends at ???
• TONS of Surprises

Trust us… This trip is not to be missed! We just can’t tell you what it is you’d miss, exactly.

Brought to you by our partners in mystery….


So yea… this is the spot and they get a TON of snow in a regular East Coast Season

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