Nike ‘Never Not” Premiere Recap

Nike Offers Up An Amazing Video and a Fun Party at The Bowery Ballroom

The stoke level here at OvR is officially at an all time high. If the dropping temperatures and snow in Vermont weren’t enough, Nike put together a great event Monday night at the Bowery Ballroom. Free drink tickets and bangin’ finger foods got the crowd warmed up. There was a definite buzz in the air, you could feel the excitement rising. The pro riders from the movie were mingling through the crowd, giving away swag, more drink tickets and talking about shredding their favorite parts from the movie.

NEVER NOT NYC PREMIERE from Parlour Productions on Vimeo.

The movie….

backstage at Never NotOh the movie! Never Not is broken into two parts, the second of which they played first. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the pro snowboarding lifestyle and some really inspiring commentary by riders like Danny Kass and Gigi Ruff.

Part one is the real bread and butter of the film and showcases a talented and diverse team of riders. Seriously, these shredders take it to the next level! Never Not part one showcases the progression of snowboarding as a whole. Frame by frame, the technicality, skill and style is really impressive.

Top notch street riding parts were delivered by Jed Anderson, Justin Bennee and Halldor Helgason – who brought down the house with what might be THE trick of the video, a huge roof to roof back-flip. Jess Kimura showed the boys how it’s done, throwing down with her signature sick style.

Halldor Helgason – Double Roof Gap Trick from Nike’s Never Not a Snowboarding video by whitelines

If backcountry riding is more your thing, Never Not delivers here as well. Nicolas Muller has some of the best style in the game, truly a joy to watch. You can see he has a true passion for snowboarding, exploring and life in general-  all the things that OvR is about! Laura Hadar held it down for the ladies with an impressive part that rivaled anything seen from the men.

The production quality matches the riding. This is a slick film with a great soundtrack and solid editing- taking the experience as a whole to a hole new level. All in all, this is not one to miss and is destined to be a classic. Be warned though, it will raise your stoke level off the charts!!!

Ray Mendez of Parlour Productions was on the scene snapping shots and getting footage.

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