Nitro Snowboards new movie ‘Layers’, Live NOW on Red Bull TV!

Prepping for the OVR Ride Kickoff Party annually is no easy task.   Of course we have our venue (shoutout to @theDLnyc) and our snow & beverage brand partners to work with (shout out Pacifico & Cut Water), but then on top of it all we need to dial in what the video entertainment is for the evening.

Long gone are the days of Mack Dawg & Standard Films mega movies, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still brands & crews out there getting after it.  Over two years ago, Knut Eliassen of Nitro Snowboards set out to document the story of snowboarding, as it sit today. Enter their latest offering, aptly titled ‘Layers’, which dives in on what makes snowboarding special looking at all the (you guessed it) layers it has.

The reason we selected this movie & what makes this movie special for our event, is first & foremost it features OVR Ride buses providing the transportation for Hoods to Woods out of NYC out to Mountain Creek.  It’s no secret, supporting programs like H2W, Chill Foundation, and others are crucial to the fabric of what makes OVR.  

On top of that, the movie features incredible insights shared by H2W co-founders Brian Paupaw & Omar Diaz, long time OVR supporter Dave Spruill, as well as a few words by OVR’s new Program Director Pat Morgan. We’re excited to share a brief portion of the movie at the party, and encourage you to drop in on the full length over on Red Bull TV debuting today right here, whenever you’re getting down with some couch surfing.

Tickets for the OVR Ride Kickoff Party still available right here for $5 presale, or $10 at the door for Friday night – we’ll see you there!