On The Hill W/Jeremy Mountain

Oh hey there

 Welcome Shredders

I hope everyone has had relaxing off-season because we are back!

As most of you already know the season is HERE. The mountains are open, the snow has fallen, and there is much more to come!

I started my my season last weekend at the always reliable Mt. Snow and it was awesome. We had a huge crew (due to a weekend trip already there & our bus), the sun was shining, and  there was plenty of hype to go around.

When we arrived at the mountain and piled out of the bus, grabbing our boards and skis, I took a moment to acknowledge how refreshing it felt to get out of the city. We all know the feeling, the cold crisp air stinging your nose as you walk into the lodge. When you grab that much needed cup of coffee (with a splash) and groggily put on your gear. Walking out to the lift line and strapping in, feeling that rush of adrenaline as you hop on the chair. Then, finally, you’re at the top of the mountain, the wind whipping as you double check your pockets for the tenth time making sure all your gear is secure before you drop in.

From L – R: Dustin, me, Red, JonGon, LuLu, Luiz Luis

First run of the season, I thought we’d start off slow so we decided on the classic run Long-John. I went in thinking there’d be a bit of a curve getting back into the groove on the first day, but clearly I was wrong. I felt like hot sauce on a taco, everything clicked, and it was clear that everyone else felt the same way.

We had about 15  people all bombing thru Long-John together and it was glorious. I brought up the rear so i could watch the organized chaos unfolding before me. Watching the crew cut into every side hit, pop off of every little bump or roller, or  buttering and spinning until I forgot whether they were regular or goofy (that’s you JonGon) made me happy in a way that only snowboarding can.

Pericles & I with synchronized butters
Cody blasting thru a blocked side hit
Red following Cody up w/a frontside 180
Pericles AKA Cannonball with a solid ollie
Me w/a poor form backside 360 that I did not land


I’m excited to say that this coming Monday 12/11 is my 27th birthday, and as per tradition for the last 4 years I will go snowboarding with my friends on my birthday. This tradition has been hard to keep over the last five years, and I am PUMPED to say that YOU are invited! We’re all going to Hunter to shred and party the day away, so please join us. I, Jeremy Mountain, will be living it up on the hill!

Here’s a few more pics… and I’d like to thank Germano for being the snowboarder/photographer/homie extroadinaire that he is.


Quite possibly the highest Ollie I’ve ever done


Strapping in at Carinthia w/Sam, Red, Cody


Red w/the Beeracuda, always handy with a brew