Opening Day Jitters…

It happens every season. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been shredding for decades, or if you’re reintroducing yourself to the bunny hill. It’s the little tingle in your tummy when you get to the top of the lift, skate off and strap in. You might be nervous you forgot how to link your turns, or just excited that you can grind that rail you hit all last season. Personally, I’m usually paranoid I sharpened my edges too much and I’m gonna catch, and bite it.. hard. I call that opening day jitters.
But the thing is, it starts WAY before opening day. It’s a slow build up and all of it is part of the excitement of finally getting to hit the hill. You probably had a decent summer. Hit up the beach, got some surf time, went camping, rafting, hiking and whatever else people do when it’s nice and warm. But then fall hits. The leaves turn, the air starts to get crisp and people start pulling out their sweaters and scarves… and all I can think about is the first snowfall!! All I talk about is riding.. what new gear I want, where I wanna go, how much snow VT already got and when they plan on opening. It’s the subject of 88% of my Facebook posts and 65% of my conversations over a brew. If you don’t ride, you basically don’t really wanna hang out with me after October 15th!
The night before I’m like little kid on christmas eve! I’m picking out stickers to put on my new stick, strapping in and poppin around in my apartment (much to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbors). Then it finally comes… Opening day!! I get up extra early, partly because I’m so stoked, mostly because I need to pick out my outfit. It’s been a while (about 7 months to be exact) so what does one even wear to snowboard anyway? Where’s my favorite hat (yes, the green one!)? Do I need to wear my first layer pants? Doesn’t matter how much I try to be prepared though, I’ll inevitably forget something: a glove (just one!), my goggles, or like one fateful opening day… my boots.
OK so I made it to the lift (with my boots!). There’s only one or two runs open, so there’s a huge line of shredders all equally as stoked to get their shred on. I normally hate lines, but I get on this one, skating along at a snails pace waiting my turn. Get on the lift, and BAM! It hits you! Those familiar feelings all come back with the gust of the cold air and the birds eye view of the runs… for this one lift ride I’m hit with nostalgia. Last season’s memories will soon be replaced by this season’s, but right now all I have is the anticipation. Meanwhile I’m sitting there getting giddier and giddier… just wanting to get to the top already. So what if I’m ever so slightly nervous I forgot how to skate off the lift!
Somehow I manage to make it to the top and miraculously not embarrass myself getting off the lift. I strap in, hop along, catch some momentum.. and I’m off!!