OvRridin’ Bars Everyday

Usual scenario, you come out to the OvR Kickoff party for one or two beers. Several shots later… it’s hours past your self-imposed curfew. You know you’ve gotta be up early tomorrow, for work, school or  maybe even to drive up to Killington to get your shred on, but you can’t seem to drag yourself home. I mean common! You’re watching shred flicks, talking to your buds about riding and catching up with folks you haven’t seen since last season… leaving early is just not gonna happen.

The festivus started out at Snap where the Snow Film Fest was holding a little shin-dig to celebrate the opening of the Film Festival. It was a room full of shredders, film makers/producers and event organizers. Well Mama taught us manners and OvR didn’t come empty handed! We rolled through with a couple of kegs of Lagunitas IPA beer, for a free hour of the cold stuff!

After we were good and warmed up, we rolled into Epstein’s in the LES. I admit. It was packed! I’m talking wall to wall, with people all about the snow. Drink specials raffle prizes from Nike and Volcom always get people motivated! Catching up with all the OvR folks and the homies from Blades, Volcom, Goodwood NYC and Burton is always oh so sweet. Such good energy, so much excitement about the season… let’s just say I know I missed my bedtime.

Epstein’s… OvRridden!! Can’t wait to get that NYC  stoke out to the mountain!