Powder February

More Snow is on the Way, Wednesday Night into Friday…

weatherboy 2-11 storm map crop

You’re not going to panic. You’re not freaking out at the supermarket, buying all the milk and bread off the shelves to take shelter. You know it’s go time– plan a day on the mountain!

We don’t know exactly how much snow we’ll be getting Thursday. But one thing is for sure- upstate NY, Vermont, and the Poconos will be sure to get their fair share of powder!

Take full advantage of the freshies:

Thursday 2/13:

Friday 2/14:

Saturday 2/15:

Sunday 2/16:


Now, Get out there and ride… It’s Go Time!

One thought on “Powder February

  1. Oh my gawd. Mt. snow this Thursday Feb. 13th was so amazing I have to head up to killington with yall tomorrow to revisit that beautiful pow pow!

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