Rockstock & Barrels Festival at Rockaway Beach


Come join us for the 8th Annual Rockstock & Barrels Festival!

87950532Get on the official Festival bus, the OvR Beach Bus!!! Live music from morning till sunset, helps draw the entire community to the sand to celebrate Rockaway Beach. Combine that with a Surf comp, Skate comp, beach games, art, food & clothing vendors and you’ve got a hell of a beach day.

Did we mention IT’S FREE!!!

Founded in celebration of the parks department building a skatepark in Rockaway and designating a surf beach, this shoreside festival is truly grounded in the roots of the surf and skate community. Now, with Rockaway beach on the rise after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, this event means more now than ever.

The OvR Beach Bus will be rocking all day, providing round trip transportation, as well as oneway to or from Rockaway Beach on “The Fun Bus”. Yes, there will be air conditioning, a bathroom, and refreshing refreshments. Getting to the Rockaways can be (dare I use this bad joke)… No “day at the beach”. When you get on the OvR Rockaway Beach bus, the transit becomes part of the experience.

Celebrate all that is Rockaway and NYC beach life, Saturday June28th #DONTMISSTHEBEACH


Festival Main Stage Line Up:

  • Matthew Kiss 11am
  • The Mourning War 12noon
  • The Wordy Bums 1pm
  • Exit Verona 2pm
  • The King’s Heartbeat 3pm
  • Groundswell 4pm
  • Symptom 7 5pm
  • Grim Pickens 6pm

Festival Second Stage Line Up:

  • John Simonelli 10:30am
  • Ethoscope 11:30am
  • The Ready Hentchmen 12:30pm
  • The Disfunction 1:30pm
  • Rat-Trap Bumpkin 2:30pm
  • Kilzone 3:30pm
  • The Rev Jefferson 4:30pm
  • Shipwrecks 5:30pm
  • Indaculture 6:30pm


Summer is here… OvRride it!