Roma Like a Local! A Quintessential Roman Holiday with Sarah & Giles

While we wait for Old Man Winter to get his game on, we’re thinking of hitting a different kind of parmesan (How Ya Doin’). OvRride Rome this October with us!

For millennia, Rome has captivated hearts and minds the world over. Initially birthed from tribes of nomadic herders, traders, and ferrymen, Rome eventually became, the greatest civilization of the ancient world, controlling the whole of the Mediterranean. Now the capital city of Italy, Rome is a truly modern metropolitan city of it’s own breed, set amongst the ruins of their heralded predecessors. Today, Rome has morphed into an exquisite open air museum, with history abounding at every turn, merging the past and present. It can honestly be a little overwhelming to try and take it in… no worries, we cracked the code!

Our friends Sarah and Giles, formerly of Hostel Tevere in Vermont, pulled all the stops to create an effortless, authentic, fully-immersive Roman experience. Their passion for the city, its people, cuisine and history is never ending–it’s where they met and where the Hostel Tevere was born. Travel with us and see the real Roma, Italy like a local. We’re heading back across the ocean with Sarah and Giles on a seven day and night taste of Roma–OVR style.

Expertly selecting from all of the facets that make Rome so unique–culture, history, art, architecture, politics, food and more–they’ll provide personal insight into the wonderful ‘organized chaos’ that is Rome today. So buckle up and get ready for an OVR trip unlike any other, to a city that is distinctly
and unabashedly its own.

Of course we’re going to see places like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and classic Roman Archs.

But, with Sarah and Giles guiding us through their favorite global community, we’ll be experiencing Roma like locals; eating the best food in the best spots in the city!


• Roundtrip Airfare To and From NYC (No Airfare Package Available)

• 8 days & 7 nights in the Roma, Italy (includes all breakfasts, most lunches & dinners)

• Shuttle Transportation to/from and in between airports & local city transport

• Daily guided immersive Rome Underground City Tour with our Rome locals Sarah & Giles, Live Roma like a local!

• 7 nights stay in a 4-star Roma hotel in the heart of Rome. Easy access to all the beautiful city has to offer

• The quintessential Roma Experience! Chi si volta, e chi si gira, sempre a casa va finire. OR in English, No matter where you go or turn, you’ll always end up at home!

Everything you can do in Rome is on the table, and when you get a good look at that table, you’re likely to start salivating immediately! Read through the itinerary below and you can almost smell the viño, taste the pasta and hear the music in the streets!



(Itinerary completely curated by Sarah & Giles for a robust and complete Roma Experience!)

• Sunday October 13th – Flight leaves from NYC to Rome, Italy

• Monday October 14th – Giorno A – Arrival Day
– Arrive at hotel, rest recharge for midday
– Afternoon meet for a caffé and aperitivo!
– Easy walk / history bit on the way to dinner
– Roman Pizza + gelato stop – the best way to kick off a trip!
– Gorgeous stroll up to hidden spot to end first day

• Tuesday October 15th – Giorno B – Romeing
– Casual, fun, fast paced history walk, this is Roman History day!
– Post breakfast morning meet
– Caffé, delicious secret snacks (did you know the Romans deep fry grilled cheese?)
– Anyone like Caravaggio and the Pantheon?
– More caffé. caffé is important
– Lunch at one of our all time favorite Osteria’s (Osterie if we are being grammatically correct)

• Wednesday October 16th – Giorno C – Trastevere
– Take the morning off!
– Afternoon meet, then on our way to the most epic pizza al taglio in the city that also happens to home of some of the best suppli, not to be confused with supplies.
– Get to know Trastevere, some great italian wines, italian games of chance, and another expansive view of the city
– Caffé + aperitivo (do you see the trend?)
– Dinner at a classic trattoria romano followed by some craft beer / cocktail hangs

• Thursday October 17th – Giorno D – Centro Storico
– Discover the gems, and lumps of coal, in the historic city center
– Let’s eat, shop, dodge vespas and smart cars, meandering our way through the mayhem of downtown
– Meet midday
– Eat, snack, caffé, gelato, art, religion, architecture oh my!
– Short afternoon PAUSA
– Gather, recharged for an aperitivo and private dinner

• Friday October 18th – Giorno E – Monti + Colosseo
– Post breakfast morning meet, caffé, chill, chat, people watch
– Monti Monti Monti, what the hell is Monti?
– Moses + Pietro in Vincoli!
– Sweets, Roman Baths, and cocktails
– Pizza al taglio lunch
– Afternoon PAUSA
– Sites at night
– Leave hotel for gelato and experience the best places to see (or instagram) at night

• Saturday October 19th – Giorno F – Testaccio
– Morning meet @ pasticceria barberini, caffé
– Experience the market, snack, chat, Zio Marco! (Today is all about the food, food, food)
– Buy products for dinner
– Midday pausa
– Cook dinner, eat dinner, with the chef Zio Marco! private, delicious, fun!
– Good wines, beautiful place
– At your whim, late night hangs in the piazza, porchetta anyone?

• Sunday October 20th – Giorno G – Ultimo
– Largely free day to wrap up loose ends
– If you’re into soccer… SS Lazio game at Stadio Olympico
– If you’re into flea markets, Porta Portese leaves little to be desired
– Final dinner at a modern trattoria, where does Rome go from here!

• Monday October 21st – Depart Rome to fly back to NYC feeling like a Rome local

If you’ve never been to Rome, you’ll leave feeling like you lived there for years. Hell… if you’ve been to Rome, even better – you’ll be able to see a side of the city you probably didn’t even know existed!


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