Utah Red-Eye Weekend at Snowbird


How to Know You’re Ready to OvRride Utah:

You’re looking to get away to a bigger mountain, but can only spare the weekend… Check

You’re not ready to let go in April when the snow starts to melt on the east coast… Check

You’ve always wanted to know what is going on out in Utah … CHECK!

Join us for The Utah Red-Eye Weekend at Snowbird

When the snow melts in Vermont, and you can’t hop on the bus for a weekend of shred… get on a plane and tear it up for 3 days out West! Don’t let the season slip away. Join us for the Utah experience, where snow lives long into May, where snow was first described as powder, and where the Saltiest Lake in the country lies in its own mysticism. Yea… something’s going on out there – Come check it out!

Utah Red-Eye Weekend at Snowbird Includes:

• 3 days at Snowbird Resort, Utah
• Roundtrip Airfare To and From NYC via Newark (departing flight) & JFK (return flight)
• 2.5 Days Lift Tickets at The Legendary Snowbird Resort
• Charter Coach Bus – To / From SLC airport
• Lodging at Cliff Lodge & Spa, Hot Tubs Outside, Heated Pools, SKI IN SKI OUT!!!
• Some of the best spring conditions in the world, good people, and one hell of a good time!


Pack the most quantity & quality riding into your weekend!

Friday Apr. 19th – Apr. 21nd, 2012


SnowBird Peak with the crew

Options                                               Price

Full Package                                      $974.95

One Way Airfare Package               $899.95

No Airfare Package                          $674.95

*Deposit of $374.95 Reserves Any Package

Flight Times:

NYC–> SLC, Utah Friday Apr.19th

• Flight Departs Newark 7:00am (Be at the airport at 5:30am latest) –>
• Arriving at 10:27am Private Bus Transfer will be set up for transit from airport –> Straight to the mountain!

SLC, Utah –> NYC, Sunday Apr.21st

Private Bus Transfer departing Cliff Lodge & Spa at 8pm (Don’t be late) –> SLC Airport
• Depart SLC Airport 11:50pm –> Arriving at JFK in NYC 6:13am Monday morning.

No bus stop for this one, technically…

But let us know if you’ be interested in an airport shuttle from midtown to the airport. They’ll also be buses out in Utah to take us to and from the airport.