Spring it ON!!!

Spring has SPRUNG!!
This is that time of year… the weather changes and the clocks change and all of a sudden snow is forgotten! But I’m here to assure you … riding season is not OvR! Vermont is STILL getting snow and most of those mountains are operating at 100%.
Last Thursday we celebrated the beginning of my personal favorite, spring riding. Those of you that are East coast veterans already know, the soft snow and the comfortable temps and sunshine make for some spectacular days out on the hill. T-shirt riding weather is the perfect opportunity to work on that goggle tan, and bonus prize: Farmer tan!
As if the bronzing factor wasn’t enough, you gotta love the soft forgiving snow. It’s the perfect time to try out some tricks in the park that the normally hard packed landings make you nervous about attempting. And if you’re still starting out, this is the perfect time to finally master those edges, link your turns and get’er done without being cold!
Point is… get out there people!! We’ve got at least another month of shred and I know I plan on taking full advantage of it 😉
A lil’ something to look forward to:
-Startton, Mount Snow and Hunter Day trips will continue ever Saturday and Sunday until the mountains close
-Mid week slump? Don’t forget Windham Wednesday
-St. Patrick’s Day at Mount Snow!! Get it on this one.
-More St Patrick’s Day celebration at Stowe March 18-20th http://ovrride.com/blog/weekend-at-stowe-or-day-at-mount-snow/
-SugarBush SugarBus III Last weekend of March (March 25-27th) http://ovrride.com/events/sugarbush/
-Breckenridge, CO just an end-of-the-season last hurrah!! http://ovrride.com/blog/finally/