Stratton Thanksgiving Weekend, Comin’ in HOT: 11/24-11/26

If you’ve been keep your eyes peeled on those forecasts up in New England like we have, you’ll see Ma Nature has finally started to get her tired act together – knock on wood –

While K-town recently opened, our sights here at OVR are locked & loaded on our friends at Stratton Mountain, where we’ll be dropping in on our first weekend trip of the season, going down Thanksgiving Weekend 11/24 – 11/26! 

While you’re probably used to our usual Stratturday strike missions, now you can let the good times roll all dang weekend!  The mountain ops team have been putting their foot into it, and have officially targeted Wednesday November 22nd as their opening day – check out some of the snowmaking pics below

Once Friday arrives, we’ll be loading up the bus & sending it to the 802 to kick off the weekend.  We’ll be staying at the Black Bear Lodge (directly across the street from the Village) which has all the bells & whistles you need for a ski or shred weekend.

Speaking of the Village, it’s one of the coolest walking villages in the east, with galleries, restaurants, ski & snowboard shops, and of course one of our OVR favorites, the Green Door Pub.  Uncle Pete shared some sneak previews of the renovations going on, which we hope when done, he gets a tetanus shot or something!

With that said, we hope you’re thinking about kicking your season off with us!  Can’t make it for the entire weekend?  There’s a Stratturday only trip as well to consider, as we continue to strive to have something for every schedule – Don’t Miss The Bus, and we’ll see you soon –