Sugarbush Springfest 3/25-3/27


Above The Clouds

While the season isn’t quite over… the end is nigh. It’s become tradition for the OvrCrew to venture up to Sugarbush every Spring to spend a weekend at the Hostel Tevere’ in celebration of the season, the birthday of OvR founder Jamie Kiley, and the birth of OvrRide itself. That’s right, 15 years ago OvRRide was founded on a weekend trip to Sugarbush and we’ve been running strong ever since.

This was actually my first time making it up to Sugarbush ever, so once we hit the mountain I was ready to shred. We showed up and it was already a balmy 45 degrees, hopped on the lift, and went to the top. I was amazed on the first ride up because as you ascend, the lift takes you into a dense layer of fog, and brings you above the cloudline

Hostel Tevere X OvRRIDE W/Heady Topper Bringing Up The Rear
Crab Grab X Felix The Cat









If you haven’t had the chance to catch one of these trips, you are sincerely missing out. They’re such a blast. They all follow the same basic formula, but every weekend is it’s own experience. You never know who you’re going to meet, or how the conditions are, or the late night shenanigan’s you’ll find yourself in, but no matter what the outcome it’s always a good time. The crew was hyped, the snow super soft, and the beer never stopped flowing.


File_008                                File_007

We had a gorgeous weekend, with temps in the high 50’s giving us that slushy goodness you’ve come to expect on those end of season spring days. We really never stopped the entire weekend. Arrive friday night… PARTY. Wake up… RIDE all day, then… you guessed it MORE PARTY. The Hostel Tevere’ is always rocking, they had an awesome local band throw down and all the VT regulars came thru and joined the madness.

The snow was  super soft, as expected, but that’s what you can you do during the end of days right? There were two really awesome hits on SLEEPER that we kept lapping. The first hit, as you can see above was a little lip that sent you over a tree. Everyone one went at it, it was mellow but if you pointed your nose you could really get some air. I practiced a few method’s, trying to work on tweaking it out. The second, was just a bit further down the trail and was a really nice side scoop that sent you UP. I’m goofy so i was coming in toe side and got a few nice back 360’s in.

File_000 (2)File_000File_001 (2)File_001File_003

It’s the perfect snow weekend, equal parts crew, the mountain locale, and the awesome vibe. Even though I was born in 1990, I can’t help but compare the trips to something akin of those awesome 80’s ski movies we all love so much (minus all the neon).  SO now that you’ve missed your chance, just marinate on what an awesome time you COULD’VE had. And be sure to join us next year.

As always…


This is Jeremy Mountain!

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