Ta-hoe The Lake, The MT… The OvRride Experience

You know it was a good trip when no one wants to come home. When everyone becomes Facebook friends (even the ones that don’t use Facebook much). And when you’ve created so many memories, it goes beyond taking pictures.
Tahoe was fantastic. I don’t even know where to begin!! The mountains that make our local terrain look like a bunny hill? Heavenly’s views are, well just that! Heavenly! We hit up Kirkwood’s gnarly steeps and trees twice! Day 4 was all about Squaw’s huge, epic terrain where we found hidden patches of fresh, untracked snow. And of course Sierra at Tahoe with some of the most fun trees and parks I’ve ever ridden!
That’s not even taking into account the amazing group of people that came out and helped make memories happen!! You know when you just click… we all expected to go to Tahoe and ride some of north America’s best terrain, but I’m not sure that we expected to come home with so many friends. We rode together, we ate together, we partied together and we laughed together. It’s a connection you don’t get when you go snorkeling or sunbathing on a tropical retreat; it’s a connection that shredders have, and non-shredders, well they’re just missing out.
In the words of a famous end of trip speech given by a certain deep voiced trip leader, I’d like to raise my glass and toast to you all that came out for the Tahoe experience. I’m so happy I got to ride with all of you and share such an amazing week. And all those people that backed out and didn’t come, ehh eff them!! They missed out!!