Tap New York 2013

You like beer? You like the outdoors? Then we’ve got the festival for you!

What better way to cheers to a great season at Hunter MT… not to mention… there’s still a mountain full of snow to set the proper ambiance. Join us, This time, without your board or skis… or if you’re down for the hike…bring em!

Hunter Mountain’s 15th Annual TAP New York, Craft Beer Festival Sunday 4/28!

Celebrate the local breweries, the small guys, that create craft beers.

TAP New York has grown over tenfold through the years to now encompass the entire base areas at Hunter Mountain, and overflowing onto the mountain. Over 85 breweries, representing well over 200 individual beers, offer everything from IPAs and lagers to wiesbiers, doppel and trippel bocks, stouts, ales… pretty much any variety you know of, and probably a few that you don’t.

Get that last Cheers in at Hunter MT! Sign up ASAP, Limited Tickets Available

This is your chance to sample beers from the best of the best- you won’t find these beers in your local supermarket because many of these brewers only sell their beer locally, at local pubs, restaurants and small breweries. But this isn’t just about beer; it’s about great food also. There will be food created by local chefs, as well as cooking demonstrations and suggestions.

This is your chance to sample some unique brews, learn about the process and understand more about food and pairing.

Join us Sunday 4/28/13! Package includes:

• Day Pass to TAP New York Craft Beer Festival (try over 200 tastings)

• Roundtrip Transportation on “The Fun Bus” bus pick-up times and locations here

• Live Music from Smokin’ Aces with Tas Cru and the Christine Spero Group

• Cooking Demonstration from Tim Lang, VanWinkle’s Restaurant at Hunter Mountain

• Audience to witness and partake it the Best Beer Awards

More about TapNY click here plus bus pick-up times and locations here