The Sugarbus Returns with SEEYEW 1/29-1/31

written by SEEYEW


Last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Sugarbush and had an awesome time. The trip started as smoothly as can be and the crew was psyched! With Lara on the mic, a bus full of laughs, beer burps, and movies we cruised up north into the snow. Upon arrival we released a good number of customers to the elegant Sugarbush Inn. The rest of us went to the Hostel Tevere, where the awesome host, Giles was behind the lobby bar, ready to serve farm fresh burgers and locally crafted beers! And by farm fresh, I mean the cow’s meat that was melting in our mouths was from a few hundred feet down the road!

We woke up the next morning ready to shred! Most customers were out in typical OVR fashion: catching the first lifts of the day, wasting no time to cut fresh tracks on every run! Us crew members, followed behind the surge to make sure everybody was good to go.


As we rode up our first lift the terrain parks at Mt. Ellen caught my eye! There were double kinked rails for both intermediate and advanced riders, as well as fun boxes, the steepest rainbow rail I’d ever seen, and a stair set with three side by side rails I’ve only seen in parks out west! I started to get itchy, mentally preparing myself to conquer these obstacles that I really had never tried, until my buddy Chris distracted me from such thoughts…

“You don’t come to Sugarbush to ride the park, we’re going straight to the trees.” Now, as excited as I was to ride and advance my park skills, that was all the convincing I would need to switch my thoughts to the majestic nature of… nature!


And really that was that, Chris, Lara, and myself rode off into the “Exterminator Woods” of Mt. Ellen, and five runs later still wanted more! Every time we went down those forest runs, we’d venture a bit further left to get fresh tracks and explore new terrain. At certain points it got steep and narrow and just when you thought you wouldn’t be able to stay in control any longer, there was always a cut back to a parallel line on the right and the trail would open up to relieve your adrenaline filled anxiety!


Of course we didn’t just ride the same trees all day! After we felt fulfilled from Mt Ellen’s woods, we decided to explore the natural terrains of Lincoln Peak, the other side of Sugarbush. Thanks to a very dedicated guest and skier, Danny, we were guided into what he said was the best tree runs on the mountain! Eagerly we rode the lifts with him to find these woods lines he said were called “The Church”. I think they were named that because when you venture into this spine like valley of trees on the mountain, you leave the runs created by the resort, and entering into a quiet, serene forest, where only snow, pines, and rocks are your company. You are one with nature, and for any dedicated rider there is nothing more holy than that! (AMEN)

We ran those natural runs for the rest of the day and left the mountain in one piece, fully satisfied. We returned to the hostel, ready to party, eat, and sleep so we could ride again the next day!

Giles and his beautiful wife once again one-upped the dinner from the night before this time making pasta with meatballs. On Saturday night the Hostel Tevere turned into the local bar! VT locals poured in to see the local bands play and by the end of the night Giles joined in with the band to impress the rest of us with his singing abilities! After throwing my last dart, pouring back my last sip of delicious Vermont craft beer, and saying goodnight to my new riding companions and friends, I hit the hay ready to ride again Sunday!

We awoke the next morning refreshed ready to get back into the natural side of the mountain. All thoughts of their terrain park had been pushed to the back of my mind, because the natural terrain offered rock drops, and all the features that I would need to get my fix of tricks and fun! To my surprise Chris’ brother Rob and his girlfriend, locals to Burlington Vermont, met up with us to show us how they rip the trees of the Bush! By the end of the day we crossed over to Lincoln Peak to catch a last taste of their nature, say goodbye to an awesome mountain, and head back to the realities of New York City!

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Sugarbush is sweet. This past weekend was my first time ever going there, and I am positive that it will not be my last. I was thoroughly impressed by the mountain and it taught me that the further north one travels on the east coast, the greater they are rewarded with natural terrain and the best snow. The Inn and hostels were among the most comfortable and beautiful lodging experiences one can get at any mountain! And the Crew and guests that I shredded with, and traveled with were respectful and fun loving, and I hope that we can share experiences again like we had this passed weekend!

So sign up for the next Sugarbush trip you will not regret it!

written by SEEYEW,

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