Tough Mudder’s Hitting Town

Come Run the Tough Mudder!



With the tough mudder hitting town, we’ve decided it was time we hit the Tough Mudder! After all, it’s the right time of year to take out all our pent up preseason energy and get physical. We are extremely excited to be involved with an awesome event that promotes teamwork and endurance. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good obstacle course?!?

The NJ stop on the Tough Mudder tour promises to be the most adrenaline fueled of the bunch, with steep climbs, deep pits and of course, all the mud you can handle! The focus is not on individual times, but working as a team to make sure that everyone finishes the race. It promises to be an experience, one like no other!

Don’t Miss the first OvR Tough Mudder Bus!

Let’s show these Tough Mudders how OvRride does it!




Join us and rock The Tough Mudder in proper fashion on the OvR “Fun Bus”, but don’t forget to sign up for the race, as we’re just providing the transportation to and from the event. Check out more of the obstacles, features, and dope Tough Mudder pics HERE!

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