Transworld’s ‘The Nation’ Premiere Recap

Handstands, Thumb-wrestling, and Beer Chugging….Good Times

P1020838_Fotor_CollageAegir Boardworks owners Shaun and Peter hosted Transworld Snowboarding‘s ‘The Nation premiere and boy was it full of good times. The Nation’s director, Mark Wiitaned, Yes. Snowboards rep Chris Quinn, and Zeal Optics rep AJ Gasuk, were on hand to pump up the crowd and give away some killer gear. Not only did the people at Aegir get to see an epic film from Transworld, they also got to compete against each other for gear such as Zeal goggles, a copy of ‘The Nation‘, and a Yes Jackpot snowboard. And what were these intense competitions you may ask? Well how does longest handstand, fastest beer chug, and all out war thumb-wresting sound? Sounds like an awesome good time to OvR.

Thanks Mark, Chris, AJ, Shaun, and Peter for putting together such a fun filled night for all the snowboarding fans in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Premieres like this one really pump us up for the snowboard season as well as remind us how much we love the snowboard community in New York City. Keep doing what you’re doing Aegir Boardworks and til next time….



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