Videograss & Deja Vu Premiere 2013 Recap

Here’s a bit of the nitty-gritty from Saturday’s premiere of two rack’em sack’em films.

Larry from Vans Snow Bring it All Together

Every one was out Saturday night. There was the OvR crew, Ice Coast Kills Shit crew, Hunter Mountain crew, Larry Nunez from Vans Snow, DJ Max Klaw, Deja vu Canadians: Phil JacquesWill Lavigne, and Nic Sauve, Bartender Jenny, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, I mean every one who is any one was at Tammany Hall to view the explosion of awesomeness from Videograss and Deja vu. OK maybe not the last two, I made them up, but you know for sure they would have been there.

OvR Crew glued to “The Last Ones”
Ice Coast Kills Shit Crew killing the t-shirt game

I knew the moment Jenny handed me my first free beer, courtesy of Vans, this night might get weird. (Those of you from the OvR Crew know what I’m talking about.) I did some mingling and jingling around the bar while my ear drums beat to the bass and treble of DJ Max Klaw. More and more people started to fill Tammany Hall as show time closed in.

Bartender Jenny and DJ Max Klaw doing what they do best.

First premiere on the docket some Videograss‘s The Last Ones. The first thing I noticed was this film was meant for loud speakers. I mean The Last Ones‘ soundtrack kicks ass. Whoa can I really type that? Yes I can, because it DOES. The crowd was pumped, and amped, and jacked, and other feelings that express excitement. This film is killer and I’ll be doing a full in depth review in another blog, so be on the look out for it.

VG: The Last Ones has some dope graphics
Crowd is getting in to this.

As The Last Ones‘ credit rolled, I ponied up to the bar for another beer while people recapped their favorite parts. Mine being Joe Sexton’s double song intro and Scott Stevens’ one footers. With beer in hand the Deja vu riders Will Lavigne and Phil Jacques took the stage to introduce their new film Deja vu Movie. Time to race back to the screens.

MC Will Lavigne & Hype-man Phil Jacques

Both films rocked the house and brought on a crowd of cheers. Deja vu Movie blends epic snowboarding with artistic showmanship, a true gem. As the house lights came on I got to talk with the Deja vu crew for a bit regarding their new film and what’s in store for them, which I will be covering in another post soon. Also be on the look out for an in depth film review of Deja vu Movie.

Stoked on the films.
Some of us on the OvR Crew ready like Vans.

The night was a blast and, luckily for you readers, I didn’t get weird. As the crowd danced, I took my leave and ventured into the New York City night. Huge, monstrous, enormous thank you to Larry, Vans, Videograss, Deja vu, DJ Max Klaw, and Tammany Hall.

Just saying, “See you at the next premiere.”

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