Whistler Blackcomb in Pictures

Whistler Trees by Jussi Grznar

If pressed to pick one favorite destination of all time… Which would you favor?

I’ll tell you where. Someplace warm. A place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called …    


No matter your ability level, whether you like wide open groomers, deep and winding tree runs, epic backcountry, or you consider yourself a park rat…  this place should be on the top of your list!

Randy_Lincks Whistler Peak
Whistler Peak by Randy Lincks

Located in the gorgeous Coast Mountain range of British Columbia, Whistler/Blackcomb is a 2 hours drive north of Vancouver International Airport. This epic resort has been consistently rated as the BEST resort in North America. Allow us to explain…

The Terrain:

Season after season, Whistler consistently offers the most reliable snow conditions, receiving an average annual snowfall of 10.22 meters (Canadian metric system eh! That’s 33.5 feet).

JussiGrznar whistler/blackcomb
Whistler steeps by Jussi Grznar

Wait … it gets better! Because of Whistler’s coastal proximity, temperatures are moderate through the winter.  You can expect -5°C (22°F) average daily temperatures during most winter months. That’s warmer than average Vermont temps in Jan/Feb.

The Resort is Actually 2 Mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb

Whistler Mountain’s elevation is 2,182 meters (7,160 feet) and Blackcomb Mountain’s elevation is 2,284 meters (7,494 feet). The resort totals 600 m (5,280 ft) of rideable/skiable terrain all together.  The combination of elevation and unique terrain allows one of the best experiences of shredding, with storms often passing below high elevation tree runs.

Whistler Trees by JussiGrznar
Whistler Trees by Jussi Grznar

Whistler is known for its freeriding terrain and Blackcomb for freestyle. You’ll find seven different bowls (yes SEVEN), cliffs, tree runs and endless supplies of powder.

Blackcomb Park by Jeff Patterson
Blackcomb Park by Jeff Patterson

Blackcomb has 2 parks huge parks full of rails, boxes, jumps and 3 half pipes… including one of the best super-pipes in the world.

March Powder at Whistler Blackcomb from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.

The Village & Nightlife

Whistler Village is worth the trek to BC all on its own. Home of the 1964 Olympics, the village has continued to expand and now includes hundreds or retailers, bars and restaurants. In fact, the only thing that rivals Whistler’s terrain might be the food!

Whistler Village by David McColm
Whistler Village by David McColm


You need a good power breakfast on a powder day, but you can’t miss first chair. Perfect solution… Fresh Tracks.

Tickets can be purchased in advance or the day of (though buying ahead is definitely recommended on pow days). Fresh Tracks official start time is 07:30 AM, you may begin loading the gondola at 7:15 AM. Once at the peak, enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffet with eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes as well as fruit, yogurt, cereals, muffins and pastries… And then you’re done, strap in and shred on!

Fresh Tracks Mountain Top Breakfast – presented by The Globe and Mail from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.

Explore Whistler’s legendary Backcountry

Heli Drop captured by Paul Morrison
Heli Drop captured by Paul Morrison

If you’re up to the challenge, you have the option of exploring parts of Whistler otherwise inaccessible by chairlifts. Several options of Snowcat or Heli Skiing/riding are available from private operators for all levels ranging from intermediate to advance. We can help you choose the best option for your level and the experience you want.

Dendrite Studios Winter 2011 Storm Season from Whistler Blackcomb on Vimeo.

Heli Ride captured by Neil Brown
Heli Ride captured by Neil Brown

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January 2014 trip details HERE


More Stats and Facts

Mountains Stats Whistler Mountain Blackcomb Mountain
Opened 1966 1980
Top Elevation 7,160 ft / 2,182 meters 7,494 ft / 2,284 meters
Base Elevation 2,140 ft / 652 meters 2,214 ft / 675 meters
Vertical Rise 5,020 ft / 1,530 meters 5,280 ft / 1,609 meters
Longest Run 11 kilometers/ 7miles
Burnt Stew down Green Line
and Upper to Lower Olympic
11 kilometers/ 7miles
Green Road down Easy out
Park & Pipe Facilities 2 Parks 1 Superpipe, 1 Snow Cross Track, 3 parks
Terrain Type 20% beg. 55% int., 25% adv 15% beg. 55% int. 30% adv
Number of Trails 100+ marked runs 100+ marked runs
Snowmaking 87 hectares/ 275 acres 142 hectares/ 350 acres
Skiable Terrain 4,757 acres / 1,925 hectares 3,414 acres / 1,382 hectares
Total number of lifts 20 + PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola
2 high-speed gondolas
7 high-speed quads
2 triple chairs
1 double chair
8 surface lifts
17 + PEAK 2 PEAKGondola
1 high-speed gondola
6 high-speed quads
3 triple chairs
7 surface lifts