Month: December 2010


The New Year is here. In 2011 you are having more fun with winter. You are learning to snowboard!!!

Already ride, but you’d like to take that next step? Graduate to the steeps, get in the trees, or handle the park? Take that “next” step with the OvR 3 Step!!!

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SNOW Hits NYC!!!

Did we have to hit you in the face with it to remind you winter is here?

Snow is taking over NYC and the best way to appreciate it is to get out of work and hop on the last of the SNOWSTORM EMERGENCY Buses: Hunter MT 12/30!!!

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Strap on your Stratt and rock with us as we head up north for the VT “experience”. You wanted options and a way to hit bigger terrain, so we reached into our road case and unleashed the Stratt.

Join us and see why the US Open calls this VT resort its home.

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Burton OvRrides

The Burton Flagship Store is proud to present the Hunter Mountain Day Trip series: Don’t Miss The Bus!!!

OvRride is teaming up with the Burton Flagship Store to help you get from the spot you bought your Burton gear to the spot you’ll be using it.

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Brooklyn is getting OvRridden

Yes its true. Most of us here at OvRride call Brooklyn home.

Its about time we got a shindig in order. Join us at Good Company tomorrow night (10 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY) and find out why OvR loves BK as much as it loves us.

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Brooklyn has spoken

OvRride is teaming up with the crew at both Ride Brooklyn & Skate Brooklyn to answer the call of the people. There’s finally a way to get from Brooklyn to all the best mountain resorts on the East Coast.

Ride with us from Park Slope to the Slope!!!

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