Month: November 2010

OvRridin’ Bars Everyday

Usual scenario, you come out to the OvR Kickoff party for one or two beers. Several shots later… it’s hours past your self-imposed curfew. You know you’ve gotta be up early tomorrow, for work, school or  maybe even to drive up to Killington to get your shred on, but you can’t seem to drag yourself […]

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Snow Film Fest NYC

Mission Statement SNOW FILM FEST, NYC’s mission is to showcase the diversity of the snow lifestyle by bringing the varied perspectives of snow to a wide audience. We will celebrate snow as the powerful silent element that stirs massive excitement in all ages. As enthusiasts find different ways to interact with snow, it’s important to […]

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OvRride Season Kickoff Party

Snow is Back….. That means its Party Tynes!!! It’s worth celebrating that Killington is open again, that snow’s been falling on Hunter Mountain, that OvR has trips planned from now until April, that, that, that…….. I can’t take it anymore!!! Let’s get together and celebrate at the OvRride Season Kickoff!!! We’re teaming up with the […]

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Opening Day Jitters…

It happens every season. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been shredding for decades, or if you’re reintroducing yourself to the bunny hill. It’s the little tingle in your tummy when you get to the top of the lift, skate off and strap in. You might be nervous you forgot how to link your turns, or just […]

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This is living…

Why do we snowboard? What’s the appeal? For me, it is something elemental that defies description. Trying to write about it is like trying to explain why I like my favorite bands. Snowboarding is not a fashion or an attitude; it is an awesome, personal experience that is better left unarticulated. But, to try and […]

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Sugerbush Trip

History is doomed, or in this case delighted, to repeat itself. Hence these trips are back and bigger than ever!!! OvR is partnering with Sugarbush Resort to bring back the nostalgia behind “The Sugarbus”.

End every month from Jan-Mar. by reliving the glory days with that modern OvRride flavor!!!

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Killington Trip

March comes in like a lion, and so does OvR!!! We’re bringing in spring just like we bring in winter-Wobbling up the highway, on the hill and in the barn.

Be there for your winter before it goes away! After all winter was there for you when you needed it. Join us at Killington Winter FarewellWeekend!

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