Déjà vu Movie 2013 Film Review

An Artist Goes Snowboarding



Company: Déjà vu
Title: Déjà vu Movie
Directed by: Hayden Rensch & Greg Desjardins
Running Time: 00:39:10
Where to Buy: Buy DVD Here


Opening Sequence:

The film begins by showcasing these Canadians not fucking around. Déjà vu’s opener travels around the world finding the perfect spots then destroying them, all under the guidelines of tight editing, gritty film stock, and heavy rock by Uncle Acid and The Dreadbeats. This is truly a great way to grab the viewer’s attention.

Riding Style:

The film features a heavy set of street rail riding, some gnarly wall rides, and a salt and peppering of backcountry as well as big mountain hits.

Tone of Film:

The film is fun with a balance of artistic life style shots intertwined with some real serious snowboarding. The Déjà vu crew does not play around with their progression in snowboarding, but still show they enjoy what they do and are having a fun time doing it.


The cross cutting between snowboard tricks and life style is beautiful as well as helpful. This style of editing allows the viewer’s brain to take a short break in between each trick, which in turn makes it easier to understand these epic tricks being thrown down. It’s a breath of fresh air from the fast edits of some films that push out trick, trick, trick, trick, and you know another trick, over and over again.

Camera Work:

Déjà vu does so many things right, one being great camera work. Every shot makes you feel like you’re there, as well as provide great alternative angles. The camera is close, but not in the riders face while on the street, while in the backcountry it doesn’t feel like you are watching the trick from miles away. Good camera work means so much when it comes to snowboard films and we give mad props to Déjà vu for delivering.

IMG_3741Graphics, Titles, and FXs:

The titles are simple, but bold and hold consistent without the film. The FXs in the film add to the artistic quality, with film burns, added film grain, black and white, and some color flash edits.


If you’re like us you look forward to snowboard films, not just for the killer tricks, but also for the introduction to new music. Déjà vu Movie does indeed provide new gems, but it also gives new life to old classics. Hearing Interpol and Smashing Pumpkins while watching backcountry booters and street rail murders makes us want to break out our old CD collection. And yes we do still own CDs.

Favorite Rider’s Part:

This film really makes picking a favorite rider’s part so hard, but we have to, and we’ll be siding with the IMG_3739film’s ender Louif Paradis. We’re not sure if it’s his epic song by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, killer tweaked out tricks, or deep pow backcountry in Japan, that makes his part stand out so much. Plus we’ll say we are huge suckers for the lay out hand slide over rainbow rails. Paradis’s part might be our stand out favorite, but there are some many we could have chosen from, such as Nic Sauve, Alex Cantin, or Ben Bilocq.

Final Thoughts:

We really enjoyed this film and believe you will too. We can’t wait to see what Déjà vu does next. This film is a hands down OvR own it.

Soundtrack List:

Opener: I’ll Cut You Down by Uncle Acid and The Dreadbeats
Will Lavigne: Contact by Daft Punk
Nic Sauve: Roland by Interpol
Alex Cantin: Inch of Dust by Future Islands (My Favorite Song)
LNP: Life Of My Own by Cro-Mags
Phil Jacques: Regular John by Queens Of The Stone Age
Frank April: I Don’t Give a Fuck by Boss
Ben Bilocq: Bodies by The Smashing Pumpkins
Louif Paradis: Hoshi Neko by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan
Credits: Dirty Harry by Gorillaz

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