Ladies Only: Progressive Snowboard Program



The ladies of the OvR fam would like to give a shout out to all the Shred Betties! Join us for on mountain and off mountain dates to get your skills up to the next level.

The Ladies Only Sessions won’t be a cosmo sippin’, nail doin’, get-your-hair-did kind of day. This is a shred some hills, talk some gear tech, drink some beer and show-the-boys-how-the-girls-run-it kind of day

Come show your love for snowboarding and take your skills to the next level. We’re offering a day of progression for everyone – from beginners to advanced riders. Learn about the newest technology in snowboard gear and how to choose and care for your equipment. After all, a lady is only as good as her tools!

Join us Thursday 1/9/14 at Durden Bar!

Our first event in NYC for the season… come join us for Happy Hour specials and meet other shredbetties! Find out more about what we have planned for the season and it give us a chance to hear from you. All levels from beginner to gnarly shredders welcome!!

Durden Bar Jan 9th at 6pm-9pm

213 2nd Ave, 13th and 2nd Ave North West Corner

February 1st Join us at Killington! Details HERE!!

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