Videograss The Last Ones 2013 Film Review

Warning: This Film Goes to Volume 11



Company: Videograss
Title: The Last Ones
Running Time: 00:41:02
Where to Buy: Download Here or Buy DVD Here


Opening Sequence:

Starts with some nice 8mm black and white footage of lake side curiosity, all while playing to a joyful circus band. Once the sponsors have been introduced it’s time for some fun. The Last Ones’ intro tells us this is going to be a fun film that could only have been delivered with a bundle of pain.

Riding Style:

Here’s a kink, there’s a kink, every where’s a kink. One thing is for sure, this film is not afraid of those troublesome kinked rails and boy are these rails getting their asses handed to them by the VG crew. If street is not your cup of tea, don’t your worry, riders Bryan Fox, Zac Marben, Jake Zuzyk, Darrell Mathes, and Justin Fronius drum up a bit of the old big mountain backcountry action. Also be sure to check out the skate skills of Danimals / Gus / Jonas and the Bear Mountain fun.

Tone of Film:

Fun, raw, and full of aggression. This film is blasting at full volume and we’re not talking about the music. VG has always made films that reflex why we all keep enjoying snowboarding, and The Last Ones is no exception.


The editing is tight. The editors took some real care in cutting this film together with the appropriate soundtrack. All the tricks pop off the screen with the perfect music cue. The editing is also not too fast which is a big deal when it comes to watching some many tricks back to back.

Camera Work:

The camera work is plentiful with additional angles. Giving different perspectives on a given trick helps the viewer as well as gives the editor more footage to play with. Plus the addition of 8mm film is always fun in snowboard films.

Graphics, Titles, and FXs:IMG_3795

We at OvR love in camera “real” graphics. It brings back memories of other awesome films such as Volcom’s Escramble and Forum’s That. Real graphics show the extra care and effect a company makes when producing a film. Plus the titles look like they are from another world….super sick.


The songs might be rather different from each other, but they all match the rider’s style perfectly. The introduction of Jake Oe to a scratchy record which then blows up with power, complements his raw off the wall style to a T. All the songs compliment this film with the aforementioned warning: This film goes to volume 11. Be sure to buy the DVD, pop is into a kick ass surround sound, and crank the volume up.

Favorite Rider’s Part:

IMG_3796We went over and over what was our favorite rider’s part and decided to give this accolade to two people: Scott Stevens and Justin Fronius. Steven’s imaginative style and one footers make us feel he should rush out and join the circus; he’s that good. Steven’s part is so much fun to watch and really changes our views of what can be done with a snowboard. Side note make sure to check out his tramp skate footage.

IMG_3798Fronius just kills it in his part. Starting off with a monstrous rail ollie down a 15 stair set he shows he is gonna be going big in this part. Every landing, pop, and rail comes to life with his clean style and epic sounds of the Dum Dum Girls. OvR embraces well rounded riders and Fronius shows he’s got it all on lock. The trick to watch over and over again has to be the double wall ride at the end of his part….dirty dirty dirty.

Final Thoughts:

We always look forward to VG’s films and The Last Ones is a film we will definitely be playing over and over on the way to the mountain this year. It’s fun, full of good music, and packed with awesome tricks. The Last Ones is a OvR own it.

Soundtrack List:

 Opener: I’m Coming Home by The Devaints
Joe Sexton: Follow The Path to the Stars by Skip Bifferty
Chris Bradshaw: Who Are You by Black Sabbath
Nick Dirks: Bad to the Bond by George Thorogood
Bryan Fox: City Baby Attacked by Rats by Charged G.B.H
Danimals / Gus / Jonas: Cadillac Girl by Andre Nickatina/Mac Dre
Zac Marben: Wild Machines by Sleepy Sun
Keegan / Layne / Alex: Garbage by The Devaints
Jake Kuzzk: Frustration by The Painted Ship
Darrell / Jordan / Danny Larsen: Astral Traveler by Pinnacle
Jake Oe: For the Rest of Your Life by Drug Rug
Scott Stevens: Major Tom by Plastic Bertrand
Justin Fronius: Coming Down by Dum Dum Girls (Favorite Song)
Credits: Little Black Train by Woody Guthrie

Let us know what you thought of the film and what your favorite part was.

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